Andrew Kolb: Two of a Kind

The Two of a Kind collection by Andrew Kolb is a series of wooden doll pairings that he designed based on the recurrence of the short/squat & tall/thin dynamic in popular culture. How fun! He’s currently working on series two, so keep an eye on his Flickr stream for new additions.


via Buzzfeed


  1. allie says:

    No way! That Cap'n Hook & Mr. Smee is so rad!!!!
  2. sassyjackie says:

    I literally squealed out loud when I saw the Bunsen and Beaker characters. We named our brother cats after these two.
  3. Brandon Rampelt says:

    Andrew Kolb is my Illustration teacher in college. He's the best!
  4. Nicole says:

    this is the coolest thing I've seen in a long time - I want a pair!
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