Andreas Hidber: Tigges Architekt Identity

I’m very much intrigued by this identity for Tigges Architect by Andreas Hidber. Unfortunately there isn’t much background information available, but I’m loving the grainy, digital quality he has given to the print pieces.

via Branding Served


  1. Paul Wroe says:

    Love the form and input that has been applied in this work.
  2. Andreas Hidber says:

    Hi Everybody! Thanks for posting and for the nice words about my work. Courtney, you seemed to miss more background information available. Let me add some … Principle idea behind the graphics was to create a three dimensional impression on 2D by using a grid of lines only – inspired by the drawing work of Sol Levitt. It worked well with what we wanted to express. Starting from there, we explored different angles, colors and strokes of the line grid to get the moiré that we wanted. That's it more or less. Please have a look at the clients architectural work @ Greetings from sunny switzerland, Andreas
  3. Courtney says:

    Thanks for the additional information Andreas!
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