Radio Illustration Collective

Radio is a South Africa-based illustration and design collective made up of Brad Hodgskiss, Byron Meiring and Gert Schoeman. Based on the impressive range of work in their portfolio, some of which you can see below, they are definitely a group to keep an eye on. I certainly will be.


  1. carlene says:

    Very nice, but that apostrophe in egos...ouch.
  2. Fanny Nordmark says:

    Love it! The mad men one is great!
  3. Linh says:

    Love these, except the last poster has a HUGE typo. Should be "Great people have great egos" no apostrophe.
  4. Meg says:

    These are all lovely. I love the top one. Reminds me of a vintage Colorado postcard that I have.
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  6. Calgary Copywriter says:

    Love these! But the apostrophe in "ego's" is driving me crazy...
  7. Dean Mellis says:

    Please remove tha apostrophe. It's such a perfect piece otherwise.
  8. Courtney says:

    Ok grammar police, let's give it a rest! I think four comments with the same gripe is sufficient. I completely didn't see the error before i posted it because I was distracted by the gorgeous lettering and design.
  9. Daniel says:

    Allow me to join in the complaints about attempted pluralization of “ego” with an “'s”, (Just in general, a large number of people seem to be utterly clueless about the functions of the apostrophe. Hence “Lil' Kim” &c.)
  10. Radio says:

    Thanks for the comments, and for noticing our beautiful typo...we have corrected the mistake
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