Chris Ballasiotes Lettering

I am absolutely loving Chris Ballasiotes‘s expressive, hand-lettering style.


  1. Meg G. says:

    so so awesome. thanks for sharing!
  2. Connie @ Daydream In Color says:

    Wow. Grocery shopping lists have never looked so good!
  3. Diane Faye Zerr says:

    You know I was going to LOVE this, didn't you?! Amazing. I must share!!
  4. Happy Cactus Designs says:

    What talent! I love the color combinations.
  5. Chris Ballasiotes | Faye & Co says:

    [...] via Design Work Life [...]
  6. Ed says:

    These are just pure awesomeness!
  7. Thought Of The Day | Zuckermonarchie Blog says:

    [...] Ballasiotes via Design Work Life) Dieser Beitrag wurde unter Allgemein, Thought of the Day veröffentlicht. Setze ein Lesezeichen [...]
  8. Ovelha Negra Design by Chris Ballasiotes Lettering via design work life says:

    [...] by Chris Ballasiotes Lettering [...]
  9. i’d rather be by the sea | paperandpoetry says:

    [...] Chris Ballasiotes’ lettering via designworklife [...]
  10. Summer Holidays 2014 says:

    […] Source: Chris Ballasiotes, via […]
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