Etsy Finds: Debbie Carlos

These large, striking, black and white posters by Debbie Carlos, are printed on a plotter— a large format printer mainly used to produce architectural and engineering prints—which gives them a really unique look.



  1. Katie Beth says:

    I ordered the 'falling flowers' print and it is beautiful. I love the half tone dynamic that the plotter creates. All of their work is great statement pieces for the price.
  2. George says:

    For posters printed on a plotter using bond paper, $50 seems a bit pricey...
  3. Kiki Ottosen says:

    very happy to find this. I had seen one of this before, one that has an ice cram. But it didn't have the source so I hasn't able to find the seller. They really have an unique look and I like the motives.
  4. Tom Froese says:

    Would there be any close-ups to see?
  5. Courtney says:

    Hmm you can click on the pictures through her etsy shop so you can get a larger photo to look at than you get here, but you might have to email her to get an actual close-up.
  6. sara says:

    I've been obsessing over her crystal print for some time now. Love her work.
  7. Large Format Plotter Posters by Debbie Carlos | Culture Scribe says:

    […] Chicago artist Debbie Carlos is printing these epic black and white prints on a large format plotter printer meant for architectural and engineering prints. The pitch-perfect selection of imagery and the lower resolution printing result in some stunning wall decor. Get yours now! (via design work life) […]
  8. Shak In Style » Etsy Find: Giant Black and White Posters says:

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