Interabang: JUST Water Packaging

Interabang just sent over this playful, typographic packaging for JUST, a new caffeinated water beverage—the first of its kind—available in the UK.


  1. xtremedesign says:

    Amazing!!! Love the giraffe and the colour palette.
  2. john olson says:

    its the prettiest, but not the first lol
  3. Courtney says:

    Ah OK, guess I was misinformed. Thanks for passing that along!
  4. Blatantlybanal says:

    Avitae is not in the UK. This is the first in the UK that I've seen. Article is spot on
  5. Greg Cunningham says:

    This is so well thought out. Love the simplicity. It's about time we had a healthier energy drink on the market and this typography will sell it!!
  6. Brittany Wilson says:

    Avitae is about to come out with new packaging that will be even prettier!
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