Doubleday & Cartwright: BluePrintJuice

Love this super sleek, simple packaging for BluePrintJuice by Doubleday & Cartwright.


  1. kendal croix says:

    Loving the package design.
  2. al says:

    reminds me of "water malt hops yeast" beer design.
  3. Minimalistic Packaging For BluePrintJuice says:

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  6. Inspiriomag BluePrintJuice says:

    [...]   To jedne z najbardziej szczerych i pi?knych opakowa?. Zaprojektowane przez Doubleday i Cartwright butelki s? prze?roczyst?, na których ca?a etykieta jest po prostu list? sk?adników wydrukowan? w kontrastowym kolorze do koloru soku. Bardzo przyjazne opakowanie. [...]
  7. maury says:

    Love the idea of not having to squint to get the fine print. The ingredients are right out in plain site! Very clean looking.
  8. Sure says:

    ok idea, lack of follow through and attention to detail in typography shows. spacing between words in 'yellow' and 'green' drink are bunching up at times.
  9. Courtney says:

    Hmm I actually disagree. Yes, the letter and line spacing is tight, but that's done pretty consistently throughout. So to me, it seems like that is just the look they were going for.
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