A Re:Design Conference Giveaway!

This giveaway is now closed. Thanks to all who participated! The winner will be announced on Monday.

I have an amazing opportunity for all of you today! I’m extremely excited to host a giveaway for ONE FREE PASS to the upcoming RE:DESIGN/Creative Directors Conference at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. Exciting, right?? Here are the details:

RE:DESIGN/Creative Directors, with a focus on small scale discussions, eschews the typical panel format. The result is an atmosphere where attendees can interact, network, and learn from each other. This conference will bring together leading creative directors from traditional design firms, interactive agencies, in-house groups, ad agencies, and other branding, design, web and UX agencies. This year, the conference is taking place in Palm Springs on Nov 7th and 8th. Our keynote conversation will be led by Paula Scher along with a great group of sessions led by various Creative Directors.

Giveaway includes one pass to the RE:DESIGN/Creative Directors conference, valued at $695.00. Winner is responsible for travel and lodging for the event. Winner will be selected at random.

The giveaway will be open from this morning through this coming Friday at 6:00 PM EST. In order to enter, simply leave a comment here with the session topic you’re most excited about. Good luck!


  1. Sergio Monterrubio says:

    The Third Thing: Design + Curation!
  2. Matt Daniels says:

    I'm most excited about: "Get Back. Working analog in a digital environment." Hoping to find a way to add more analog into my workflow.
  3. Lindsay says:

    "The Thin Line," sounds great, but am super eager for the Conversation with Paula Scher of Pentagram.
  4. Julie says:

    Would love to hear "Democracy and Authenticity: How Crowdsourcing is Changing Content for design"
  5. Leslie says:

    Get Back. Working analog in a digital environment. For sure.
  6. Karli Ingersoll says:

    "Everest The Band & the Live Rock Epic Design Session" - sounds very fun. I do a similar kind of exercise on my blog with listening to albums for the first time and drawing whatever I feel inspired to draw. It would be great to see how other people are using a similar concept and what comes out of it.
  7. Jaime says:

    "File open vs. File new" sounds great but will definitely want to hear Paul Scher speak as well.
  8. Matt Hernandez says:

    I am mostly excited by the thin line discussion.
  9. marcy wacker says:

    def Democracy and Authenticity: How Crowdsourcing is Changing Content for design
  10. Maria McRoberts says:

    “Get Back. Working ana­log in a dig­i­tal envi­ron­ment.“ is the one that interests me the most, I love the idea of finding a balance between analog and digital since they both have amazing value.
  11. Christopher Cashdollar says:

    The art and mystique of creating ideas is always something I hope to learn more about. I'd love to hear what others do/think/create when it comes to "Creative Ideation."
  12. Nina Brav says:

    This Is Not a Sagmeister. I'm envious of Eric Heiman and would love to hear what he is taking out of the experience!
  13. Mario Sosa says:

    Considering leaving in-house behind and starting my own business so "The State of Independents" would be right up my alley.
  14. Dagmar says:

    The Thin Line. Influence and Infringement. - Something I talk about with my clients all the time.
  15. Michael J. Chevalier says:

    Co-Inspire - I would love to talk about how others deal with this day to day.
  16. Don Bambico says:

    "The State of Independents" for sure given today's dynamic work environment.
  17. Long Cheng says:

    "The State of Independents" is definitely going to be my most interested topic. Knowing the growing technology, how is work-space landscape changing?
  18. rena Tom says:

    a toss-up between The Thin Line and Democracy and Authenticity, but they all sound so wonderful!
  19. Jeff says:

    Get Back: Working analog in a digital environment - I'd love to hear from Design is Play.
  20. Carol Zou says:

    Get Back - I am always looking for ways to get analog in this digital world!
  21. Michael Croxton says:

    The Third Thing: Design + Curation
  22. Nathan says:

  23. Rachel Matthews says:

    Get Back (although it's so hard to choose!)
  24. Victoria Pater says:

    It would be great to hear tips on how to "Get Back" in this digital world.
  25. Wanda Espana says:

    As an owner of my own design business, I'm most interested in: The State of Independents. There is nothing like being your own boss.
  26. Sarah Bray says:

    Get Back. Also Co-Inspire. (Oh wait, only one? Get Back then. :)
  27. Samantha Stone says:

    The State of Independents...getting ready to go solo myself.
  28. -!-Nam - Battai-!- says:

    Count me in, please :)!
  29. Leslye says:

    "Democracy and Authenticity: How Crowdsourcing is Changing Content for design" sounds like a really interesting topic to learn more about, although the entire line up of speakers sounds great!
  30. Freddie says:

    I would love to see "The State of Independents"!
  31. Lindsay says:

    I'd love to see any of them, but particularly the State of Independents!
  32. Emily Weigel says:

    I agree with Lindsay. They all sound great, but I think the one that sounds the best is The State of Independents. What an awesome giveaway!
  33. Adrianna says:

    Creative Ideation sounds interesting. I love to hear the different random ways people find the great (and not so great) sparks!
  34. Michael Wilson says:

    Hi Courtney, I'm an RSS reader, I think this is my first time on the actual website! The "The Thin Line." session sounds good, it's not really described on site, but I bought a Modern Dog book a couple years. Has fantastic visuals and have inspired some of my design work in the past, and I think it'd be amazing for me to meet them. Anywho, that's my thing. Thank you.
  35. Maura McDonald says:

    As an independent design busi­ness, I’m most inter­ested in: The State of Independents. Although it’s so hard to choose! I would benefit from all of the sessions.
  36. Robert says:

    This Is Not a Sagmeister. This sounds like it would be extremely interesting to hear.
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