Ayaka Ito Illustration and Design

I’m incredibly impressed with the breadth of Ayaka Ito‘s work, a Brooklyn-based interactive designer. From the dimensional hand-lettering to the typographic paper sculptures to the more traditional design work, each piece has its own distinct vibrance.


  1. Joe says:

    Nice work, but it hurts to see all the care that went into that typography only to make a typo: "Geburtsag" should be "Geburtstag"!
  2. jayquercia says:

    beyond amazing :)
  3. Mary Kate says:

  4. es says:

    this is too beautiful for words...
  5. Graphiste Marseille says:

    What a great design work !
  6. Ayaka Ito - Graphic Designer and Illustrator | Spoon & Tamago says:

    [...] source: design work life [...]
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