CODO Design: The Libertine Branding

CODO Design recently developed the identity, signage and various print materials for The Libertine, a new cocktail bar in Indianapolis. The brand took shape through the designers’ exploration of shades of Americana, cocktail artistry, poetry and what it means to be a Libertine—debauchery and deviancy in both sex and drink. Check out some more of the results right here.


  1. Sara says:

    So cool. Love the interior!
  2. Linh says:

    I was in Indy this summer and walked past before they opened. It looked so cool even before it was open. Love it.
  3. Nathalie says:

    Love the typeface on the logo what is it?
  4. Isaac says:

    Hi Nathalie, It's a slightly modified version of LHF Cameo.
  5. Libertine Restaurant Branding | Restaurant branding, marketing and other notes on various design topics says:

    [...] Codo Design put together this strong brand for Libertine. It’s based on traditional typography mixed with old style illustrations to give that vibe of old time craft and skill. Found on DesignWorkLife. [...]
  6. Lessons on Building Meaningful Brands (from the pros) | Mayowa Tomori says:

    [...] They are the brains and heart behind some of my (and likely your) favorite identities in Indy, The Libertine, Tomlinson Tap Room and Pogue’s [...]
  7. Cody Thompson says:

    Hi – Great looking stuff! This is just around the corner from our office. Did you guys do the interior too?
  8. Isaac says:

    Thanks Cody! The interior was masterminded by Neal and Lindy Brown. We wish we could take credit for it though!
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