Recent Grad: Christine McMahon

Philadelphia’s Tyler School of Art seems to be producing one talented designer after another—we’ve posted about a few of their students from the program in recent months. Christine McMahon, a recent graduate of the program, is no exception. I’m especially impressed with her packaging work, which is colorful, creative and far more sophisticated than much of the packaging I see in stores on a daily basis. Check out the rest of her work right here.

Carni Corn


Diablo Salsa


Nefertiti Soaps


  1. josh says:

    Well done! I'm really into the "Salsa" type treatment.
  2. Bill says:

    Beautiful work - Very sophisticated, her work grabs your attention - great talent!
  3. missy says:

    Fantastic work, great talent and vision!
  4. Rob says:

    Classic work with a great sense of style and light humor!
  5. Phil says:

    Great job Christine! You need to bring some of that salsa to work.
  6. Alyssa says:

    The packaging is very eye-catching. I can almost taste the salsa flavors and smell the body soap just by looking at the packaging!
  7. Chris says:

    Christine is the best lil'designer I ever did see!
  8. andrea says:

    That's my alma mater! Some of the best design students in the country! (also grads like: Paula Scher, guys from The Heads of State, Ken Barber of House Industries, and Jess Hische)
  9. Stephen says:

    I'm Stephen A. Latanishen, founder and CEO of Carni-Corn. I would like to take a moment to laud Miss McMahon for her brilliant reworking of our packaging & Logo--- since Christine took over our account we've seen a 1200% increase in demand for Carni-Corn! Even after noting the risk of female consumers growing facial hair in copious amounts! She's brilliant! Insightful! And entirely comfortable while surrounded by Carni-folk. Needless to say I recommend her services highly.
  10. Fanny Nordmark says:

    This looks good, especially the one for the salsa.
  11. Frank says:

    Excellent work ! I've seen Christine's work before and it is amazing. All of her projects are unique and eye catching.
  12. Christine Lynn McMahon says:

    [...] Vía: Design Work Life [...]
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