Misty Manley: Fake Anything Designs

Have you heard of Fake Anything? I hadn’t before I received Misty Manley‘s submission. But I’m certainly glad I did, especially since the blog features references to some of my favorite TV shows of all time. The purpose of the site, a project from the minds at Boxing Clever where Misty is currently an employee, is to catalog “visionary interpretations of mythic media references.” Here are a few of Misty’s contributions. They’re all great, but Hot Ham Water has to be my favorite. (If you don’t know get this reference, I would not-so-subtly suggest queuing up Arrested Development on Netflix.)


  1. Kat Cameron says:

    Ha! you can't go wrong with anything from arrested development. I love that last one too!
  2. World’s Strangest | Hot Ham Water and Other Posters of Fake TV and Movie Products says:

    [...] Link – via design work life [...]
  3. Monday Snax « Little Stories says:

    [...] Collection of Rejected Titles for Classic Books. Would you have read The Great Gatsby if it had been titled Trimalchio in West Egg? Yeah. I didn’t think so. Good saves from editors and publishers alike, who usually picked the better title for the soon-to-be classic. (Flavorwire) [...]
  4. Alison says:

    The Milford Academy letterhead slays me. So funny!
  5. Jason says:

    a large majority are free Lost Type fonts. cool to see how successful they can be.
  6. Jane Song » Fake Anything says:

    [...] designs I saw on designworklife. I love A.D. too much to not post [...]
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