Neighborhood Studio: Oaksterdam Hydroponics

Last week Curtis Jinkins launched a brand new site for his shop, Neighborhood Studio, featuring loads of new work. All of it is fantastic, but this particular project for Oaksterdam Hydroponics—a medical grade organic fertilizing system—immediately caught my eye.


  1. Tom Gill says:

    Hi there, love this post. Was just wondering if you know what the font is that's been used on the bottles where it says 'COCOA GROWS' and 'STANDARD GROW' etc? love it and would like to use it on some of my own projects. Thanks
  2. Evernotes Every Friday « Creating For Our Creator says:

    [...] The best fertilizer packaging I have ever seen! From the bold typography and color to the helpful icons, it’s a winning design. Found via designworklife. [...]
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