Michael Croxton: Viacom Projects

Michael Croxton recently did a bit of work for Viacom and Viacom International that caught my eye. This first set of images represent a campaign created to promote the variety and availability of benefits offered to Viacom employees.

Creative Credits:
Creative Director: Nick Gamma
Art Director: Anthony Carlucci
Illustration: Edwin Fatheringham


This second project reflects a marketing campaign he created to introduce the new Viacom International logo and to represent their full range of programming. Quite a few more examples from the series can be seen right here.

Creative Credits:
Creative Director: Scott Wadler
Art Director: Nick Gamma
Copywriter: David Palmer


  1. Thea says:

    I love the icons he designed as well as all the white space in the design. It feels really airy and clean. Love.
  2. Jason says:

    The bold colors and all the white space are really nice. I don't even watch any of these shows but the campaign makes them look interesting and fun.
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