Alfalfa Studio for Kate Spade

This perfectly charming stop motion animation was created by Alfalfa Studios for Kate Spade in celebration of the color chocolate brown, as part of their Year of Color campaign. Not sure how I missed it back in October, but I’m glad they sent it my way.


  1. Amanda Jane Jones says:

    I hadn't seen it either..thanks for the link. Loved it!
  2. Rebecca says:

    I love stop motion animation there is such a quirky charm to it and this tune is so sweet! Have you seen this animation by Papermash? Enjoy!
  3. Lizelly says:

    Oh My God!!!! Carla Morrison. I recognized her song from the first note. I'm so proud to see [hear] a home-town girl be featured in such high places, such as a Kate Spade spot!!! Yay for Carla Morrison (fabulous singer/composer from the Northern Baja Tijuana/Mexicali region)!!!
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