Hybrid Design: Impact Campaign

I’m always drawn to great design for a great cause, and Hybrid Design‘s Impact Campaign. The campaign, which is concerned with the sobering statistic that traffic accidents are the leading killer of teens, aimed to engage those in that age group through interactive pieces that speak to them in their language. As part of the plan, they also created a few viral videos and short documentaries to reinforce the message.


  1. Christi says:

    They did an awesome job with these. I love the typography and the colors. The listings of the words really grab your attention. Christi at theartcake.com, an art blog
  2. sara says:

    these are great! and worthy of my inspiration wall above my computer at work. thanks for sharing. ~sara
  3. Bonnie says:

    Thanks for acknowledging the campaign! The materials are in their 3rd reprint which is a great sign they're working. ~ Bonnie
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