Monday Quick Links: 02.27.12

Herb Lester released a new map of Austin, Texas†illustrated by Curtis Jinkins.

Okay Type created a beautiful site for the release of their new typeface, Harriet.

I just happened to notice Jeff Rogers’s great typographic “In Lights” prints which (I think) come in all letters of the alphabet.

This year Marian Bantjes used vintage postcards to create her annual Valentines.

Kern and Burn has a Kickstarter project going to make the articles from their site into a book. They’ve already met their goal, but with 18 days to go, I’m sure any additional contributions would be used to make it even more amazing.

Timothy Goodman’s Valentine Tweet Marathon now has a home on the web where you can browse through them all.

February 23rd was James Victore Day.

This birth announcement video by John Jensen is just plain beautiful, from the story that is told to the graphics that support it.

I just caught wind of The Everywhere Project, a “collaborative design project that pays tribute to the classic folk song ‘Iíve Been Everywhere’. It is curated by†Adrian Walsh, a designer and illustrator based out of Southern California.”

Good Reads: Kodak by Brian Collins,†Always have written agreements for client projects, Design for Speed, An Interview with Chuck Anderson, One Minute with Mikey Burton.

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  1. Evernotes Every Friday | Creating For Our Creator says:

    [...] I am seriously that crazy auntie! This video makes me feel so much more excited for all the new babies this year! I didn’t even think I could get more excited! How is this relevant to Evernotes Every? Did you see all the awesome graphic titles and icons? See, that makes is totally appropriate! Babies and design (and film!), just a couple of my favorite things!! Found via designworklife. [...]
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