Student Work: Mallory Smith: Southern Sayin’s

Mallory Smith is a current Communications Design student at the University of Louisville. This project, Southern Sayins, is a set of 10 greeting cards inspired by her Grandfather and the experience of growing up in rural Kentucky.


  1. Jason says:

    These are fantastic. A great tribute to one of the best parts of the country.
  2. » Print: Southern Sayin’s BLACK WIDOW - LIP BALM FOR THE LIVING. says:

    [...] Mallory Smith has designed these charming greeting cards that place Southern phrases in bold type over vintage photos. I really like these cards a whole bunch! You can enjoy more greeting card goodness from Smith over there. (via) [...]
  3. sassy jackie says:

    if these aren't for sale, they certainly should be!
  4. Dan says:

    Great to see stellar work from the University of Louisville. As an alum, it's great to see this and the unique way to depict life in Kentucky beyond thoroughbreds and bluegrass.
  5. Brian says:

    Spot-on mix of typography and photographic tone. Love it.
  6. karen says:

    I love these!
  7. Carrie says:

    I love these so much. Very solid design, and I love the Southern themes!
  8. P says:

    Lovely work! I would happily buy these. One of my dearest friend's Mother was also from Kentucky and she had the BEST one liners—although admittedly a bit more on the racy side. One of my personal favorites of hers was: "Well, that just makes my a** wanna peel bananas!" That would be quite the trick!
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