NOTHING:SOMETHING: Resin Denim Branding Part 1

I’ve long been a fan of the work of New York Studio, NOTHING:SOMETHING. In particular, I love that their work for each client has its own distinct voice, yet consistently embraces similar values—tactile qualities, layering, sophistication and intrigue. Today I’m especially excited to share with you a two-part look at Kevin Landwehr’s work for Resin Denim. Below you can view a selection of images from the collateral pieces they’ve developed for the brand, featuring gorgeous black and gold, textural production details, but there is quite a bit more to see on their site. Next up, stay tuned for an exclusive peek at the branded interior space.


  1. WeDoDesign says:

    Awesome article. I have always loved the idea of layering and creating a tactile surface in printing. And also creating 2D images that look as though they have depth and texture. Good stuff
  2. Sharon Ainsberg says:

    Great article and gorgeous work!
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