Janice Wu Illustration

Beautiful illustration work by Janice Wu:

“My work explores how meaning, value, and associations are placed upon things in the material realm. I am interested in how seemingly worthless objects have the potential for whimsy and how the ‘inanimate’ mundane can reveal poetic and narrative possibilities. Through re-imagining the mediocre, the ordinary can become playful and even precious. Working meticulously in pencil and watercolor, my drawings reveal the intricate, tender nature of this medium and reflect the notion of devoting time and contemplation in to the easily overlooked. Through this process of investigating the quotidian, I train my looking practice towards observing the subtleties in my own lived experiences. My curiosity also lies in what kind of ethnographic experiences I can construct through my work. By studying personal material cultures, I hope to reveal understandings or realizations, large or small, of shared human experiences.”


  1. Marisa says:

    These are beautiful! I am interested in the same things when creating work. I love infusing new life into objects that others wouldn't even think twice about and give them a chance to see them in a new way. I also love that just by looking at this little snippet of her life you can tell she is from Vancouver.
  2. Mashell says:

    My mind was assuming these were photographs until I got to the pie. Then I went back and looked at them and it seemed so obvious they were not photos but so much more beautiful and interesting!
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