End of Work: Mangoola Identity and Collateral

This sophisticated suite of printed materials was designed by Australian design studio End of Work. There’s an incredible attention to detail and production methods in these pieces—the laser cut feathers are pretty darn amazing—so look closely.

Mangoola is a coal mine situated in Australia. “Mangoola” is thought to mean “black cockatoo” in Aboriginal language. The Cockatoo  is a native bird to Australia. Using the name’s meaning as inspiration Sydney based studio End of Work created beautiful print pieces to represent the the feathers of a bird and the strata layers of the earth. This was achieved through a large foil blocked pattern, and laser cutting paper. Launch invitations, Commemorative books, brochures, cards and stationery was produced on black Notturno paper stock.

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  1. Phil says:

    This is beautiful. This studio is doing some beautiful work. Love the laser cut wings.
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