Enormous Champion: A. Heirloom Logo and Packaging

Enormous Champion recently collaborated with A. Heirloom, makers of state-shaped cutting boards, on their new logo and packaging. The primary design problem they faced was to create a single box design that could house each of the individual boards. Their solution was to create a periodic table of all the state shapes as the packages primary graphic, a choice that’s not only economical, but also eye-catching—love the result.


  1. Robin says:

    That would be a tough undertaking, eh? Not only a package that can apply to all the states on a visual level, but also packaging that FITS all different state sizes and shapes. It turned out brilliantly!
  2. Amy says:

    We can't say enough good things about Enormous Champion, they are so very generous when they call it a collaboration...we had a bit of a packaging puzzle and they solved it brilliantly.. what a wonderful experience!!
  3. Jamie says:

    The design is nice, but how does anyone cut anything on a cutting board shaped like Maryland or Hawaii? Quite silly.
  4. | Victoria Marie DesignVictoria Marie Design says:

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