Zeichen & Wunder Brand Identity

German branding agency Zeichen & Wunder recently gave themselves a makeover. The entire program revolves around the slogan that you’ll see on many of the pieces below: „Traue Deinen Sinnen!“, which translates to “Do not trust your senses!” ”Trust your senses!” Looking sharp.

Thanks to Marco for the translation correction in the comments!

via Design Made in Germany


  1. Marco says:

    „Traue Deinen Sinnen“ actually means „Trust your senses“ ; )
  2. Courtney says:

    Thanks! I figured it may not be entirely correct—that's what I get for trusting Google translate.
  3. Dirk Uhlenbrock says:

    and not to forget: again printed by the fabulous www.letterjazz.com
  4. vulussu» Blog Archive » Zeichen & Wunder Brand Identity says:

    [...] See on www.designworklife.com [...]
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