Toko: Art & About Festival Installation

Toko was commissioned by the Sydney-based Arts & About Festival to create a vibrant urban installation. Here’s a bit of insight into the thinking behind the colorful visuals:

Commenting on the omni-presence of visual noise lighting up our ever commercial cityscapes, Toko’s vibrant city lights installation explore JCDeceaux’s potential by re-appropriating them into a non-commercial outlet: “Gallery JCDeceaux’.

The 15 visuals, reflecting on the Festival’s theme ‘Colour’, utilize the highly standardised JCDeceaux measurements and specifics (2:3). Generating a suite of colourful building blocks to be arranged and re-arranged in an immeasurable amount of visuals.


  1. Art In Unusal Places by Toko | We Like We Share says:

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  2. ritadesigndays says:

    Love these posters/installations, really nice work! -
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