Pedale Design: Custom Playing Cards

Over the past few months, Tyler Deeb of Pedale Design has been working on the design for a custom deck of playing cards. He’s set up the project on Kickstarter in order to cover the printing costs, and he has already far surpassed his initial goal, with 24 days to go. Check out the video and images below to get a glimpse into his process and design; and head on over to Kickstarter to get your hands on one of these beauties for yourself.


  1. Jean says:

    Love this project. In fact, I'm a backer. The thing about a deck of cards is that it not only should be cool visually, but should also be playable. My only criticism of your design would be the symbol used in representing the suit on the face card. The thin lines used are distracting and don't jump out. You got to look twice to determine what suit, say a king or a queen, belongs to. I would have preferred the solid graphic you use on the numbered cards. Great project nevertheless
  2. Debi says:

    Love this project - Have been a backer for a few weeks now and watching the development of the cards - Amazing
  3. Design Work Life » Misc. Goods Co. says:

    [...] Goods Co., a new shop from Tyler Deeb of Pedale Design. You may remem­ber his play­ing cards Kickstarter project from a lit­tle while back. Well the shop now con­tains var­i­ous goods, from t-shirts to [...]
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