Mottis: Mottisimals Interactive Story

This year, North Carolina-based ad agency Mottis developed a really fun interactive story for their holiday promotion. The story revolves around Jellybean, who is based on a real tiger at Carolina Tiger Rescue, a wild cat sanctuary that is doing incredible things in Pittsboro, N.C. On the site, users are invited to create their own Mottisimal, a fantastical creature come to life through the layering of various illustrated options, including masks, flair, waggables, costumes and scenes. How fun! Take a few minutes to play around, and see what you can come up with.

For each Mottisimal submitted and shared, the Mottis crew will donate $1 to Jellybean and the other animals being taken care of at Carolina Tiger Rescue. If you’re interested in donating directly, you can do so right here. And be sure to check out this blog post for more of the story.







  1. London Dog Photographer says:

    Very nice pets design and a good idea :) Pug is always teh best one ;)
  2. John | Diseņo web Sevilla says:

    Great work!
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