Michael Haddad: Mid-Century Canada

Mid-Century Canada is the personal project of designer Michael Haddad. He chose to design a logo for every province in Canada in a graphic vintage-inspired style. Get a closer look right here.

MGH_MidCenturyCanada_01 MGH_MidCenturyCanada_02 MGH_MidCenturyCanada_03 MGH_MidCenturyCanada_04 MGH_MidCenturyCanada_05 MGH_MidCenturyCanada_06 MGH_MidCenturyCanada_07 MGH_MidCenturyCanada_08 MGH_MidCenturyCanada_09 MGH_MidCenturyCanada_10 MGH_MidCenturyCanada_11 MGH_MidCenturyCanada_12 MGH_MidCenturyCanada_13 MGH_MidCenturyCanada_14 MGH_MidCenturyCanada_15


  1. Jason says:

    Very cool series. Personally I like Saskatchewan and Quebec the most.
  2. Don E. says:

    These are just incredible! Thank you for spending the time and hard work on them. <3
  3. Sandi says:

    These are really nice! Would love that last collection of all the logos on my wall.
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    [...] remem­ber Michael George Haddad’s excel­lent per­sonal project, Mid-Century Canada, which I fea­tured ear­lier last month. Well, due to the over­whelm­ingly pos­i­tive response he received, [...]
  5. Design Work Life » Michael George Haddad: Zodiac says:

    […] a reader for a little while, you may remember Michael George Haddad‘s self-initiated project, Mid-Century Canada. Well he’s back at it again with a new project in a similar style, this time tackling the […]
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