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Readers, I have an awesome giveaway for you today! Independent Swiss type foundry Grilli Type has offered up a fantastic prize for TWO lucky winners. One winner will receive a GT Pressura Monospaced package and one winner will receive a GT Pressura Proportional package. Each package will include licenses for both print and web in 6 styles, a $360 value.

GrilliType_01 GrilliType_02

All you have to do to win is leave a comment on this post. And if you’re really excited about the giveaway, you can get a second entry by liking our page on Facebook. Just come back over after you’ve done so and leave another comment here letting us know. The giveaway will be open through this Friday at midnight EST and I will announce the two winners a week from today.

Be sure to check out their other typefaces as well: GT Walsheim and GT Haptik. One of the coolest things about Grilli is that they offer free trials for each of their typefaces, so you can actually try them out in your documents before you make a purchase. Simply sign up here and receive the font packages via email.

Good luck!


  1. brian says:

    very cool.
  2. Benjamin says:

    Yeah, I love the Monospaced an like you on Facebook ;)
  3. Benjamin says:

  4. Mike says:

    Just one comment you say!
  5. George says:

    Would love to get hold of them
  6. Jared says:

    Oooohh Ooooh, PICK ME!
  7. Krisztian Fekete says:

    These are soooo beautiful :)
  8. Ayumi T says:

    Love the monospaced.
  9. Ayumi T says:

    Liked your FB page.
  10. Jared says:

    PS. I facebooked. So theres that too.
  11. Eric Smith says:

  12. katie says:

    love! great giveaway
  13. Grzegorz says:

  14. Leticia says:

    Really nice! Proud to be swiss. Liked you on facebook too ;)
  15. Kayla Horn says:

    Ah-mazing. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed.
  16. Lexie says:

    I am always using the same typefaces, need to mix it up!
  17. Zoë Scharf says:

    Yes please!!! So beautiful.
  18. Grzegorz says:

    + like on facebook too ;]
  19. Dennis de Vries says:

    Great things can be done with this font! Done :)
  20. Wyeth says:

    Lots of character here without much fuss. Very nice.
  21. ben w. says:

    Another reason to love your site. Thanks.
  22. Emmanuel Blondiau says:

    If I win the Proportional, I buy the Monospaced ;-)
  23. Jessie says:

    Those are some good looking fonts :)
  24. henry says:

    nice stuff...
  25. Erica says:

    very nice! i especially like the pressura proportional package.
  26. Michael says:

    I failed at all Grilli contests. I’d be so happy!
  27. Dragos says:

    Great fonts. (Like on Facebook)
  28. Mich says:

    Absolutely love them!!
  29. Sebastian says:

    Very beautiful typeface. No doubt about it.
  30. Tifa says:

    A haiku: Many gorgeous fonts. I wish I could afford more. Designers budget.
  31. Sebastian says:

    Very beau­ti­ful type­face. No doubt about it.
  32. Tifa says:

    Liked on FB, too!
  33. jannis says:

    monotastic, anyhow pressura!!!
  34. Paul says:

    Can't wait to get my hands on this!
  35. Claudia says:

    Awesome! Exited!
  36. Pablo Lara H says:

    Count me in!
  37. Jordan Haynie says:

    This mono is so nice. I love Grilli.
  38. Peter says:

    Such beautiful work...
  39. Marquera says:

    Nice typeface, clean, cool and using in documents will give an elegant touch. The price is ok, at the end of the day, a good typeface is the first steep to show you and your products to the world. Even not winning the prize, keep going, more typefaces are needed to the boring times new roman world Regards Marquera
  40. Derek says:

    These fonts are great!
  41. justus says:

    good luck everybody!
  42. justus says:

    good luck!
  43. Juanje says:

    I love that fonts!
  44. Juanje says:

    Just liked in facebook
  45. yushan says:

    mmmmmm Grilli Type :3
  46. Linseyl says:

    These are beautiful!
  47. Hamlet Auyeung says:

    Very nice typeface, been tweeted their site last week, hope can get the typeface and use them in my works! cheers.
  48. Hamlet Auyeung says:

    Liked on Facebook too, as "Hijklm Nopqrst", thanks!
  49. Cesar Ganimi Machado says:

    Wow, GT Pressura Bold is so beautiful!
  50. WW says:

    Grilli makes great stuff!
  51. Laura says:

    As a student, new typefaces are always great for new projects and becoming more familiar with type. These are wonderful, btw! :)
  52. Tarek says:

    Yes please'ms
  53. Andrea Tinchinda says:

    Simply stunning.
  54. Stew says:

  55. Lawren & Steve says:

    Beautiful typeface and a really inspirational website! We started following you a few months ago and bookmark practically everything. Grazie mille and keep up the good work.
  56. Melissa says:

  57. Lawren & Steve says:

    also did, like, the facebook like
  58. joanna kam says:

    LOVE it!
  59. Wesley says:

    Beautiful! Liked you on facebook too! Really excited about this giveaway.
  60. MaxHase says:

    me want
  61. jannick says:

    Drop it like it's mine?
  62. MaxHase says:

    me liked
  63. Anne says:

    Love them! Thanks for sharing.
  64. Ricardo says:

    Beautiful typeface, would love to win! :)
  65. Ricardo says:

    Liked on facebook as well!
  66. Anne says:

    And I liked your facebook page too!
  67. Brad says:

    Those are gorgeous!
  68. Kate Holgate says:

    I heart beautiful type.
  69. Luca says:

    put your hands in the air like you just don't care
  70. Kate Watts says:

    Love these - elegant, clean work!
  71. Star says:

    Hooray for sweet type!
  72. andrea says:

    beautiful font
  73. Alyssa says:

    Beautiful typeface!
  74. Nicole Rz says:

    Now those are two nice looking typefaces!
  75. Nicole Rz says:

    You got a like from me on Facebook!
  76. Dimitri says:

  77. Christopher says:

    GRILLI !
  78. Jason says:

    Used GT Walsheim recently. I love it. & love these.
  79. Josh Lambert says:

    Really beautiful typeface! Liked you guys on Facebook too :)
  80. Lisa Wallace says:

    Love it in real life and liked it on facebook!
  81. Lisa says:

    Love it.
  82. Lisa says:

    Liked in on facebook too!
  83. Jaime says:

    Love these! Also I liked you on facebook
  84. Matt says:

    These are just my type.
  85. Dave lea says:

    I want!
  86. Anne says:

    Love these fonts!
  87. Lilly says:

    Awesome type
  88. Anum says:

    This is my chance to win <---
  89. Brad says:

    Love that type! Swiss + Modern!
  90. Jonna says:

    Yes please! Love them both!
  91. Melissa Golinsky says:

    I'm in love! And I already have liked Seamless Creative a while ago on Facebook. :)
  92. Eric Catig says:

  93. Melissa Golinsky says:

    I’m in love! And I already have liked Seamless Creative a while ago on Facebook. :)
  94. Mark says:

    I need these in my life.
  95. Toby Kelleher says:

    Pappa wants a new typeface!
  96. Neil Hubert says:

    nice! just liked the facebook page - so put me down for 2 entries please!
  97. Patrick Schnyder says:

    WOW. Great Typeface, great give-away.
  98. Patrick Schnyder says:

    Facebook: Done.
  99. Mitchell M says:

    love tasty type and liked the facebookage.
  100. Laura says:

    Comment! And I liked the Facebook page as well! These fonts are really quite lovely.
  101. Andrew Ley says:

    fingers crossed for the proportional face!
  102. Jessica says:

    Ooo talk about a nice prize!
  103. Ivo Aarts says:

    Very useful for a poor graphic design student !
  104. Brian says:

    Great typeface :-)
  105. Cosmin says:

    S E X Y
  106. Zeek says:

    Free makes them prettier.
  107. Cody iddings says:

  108. Alexandra Moran says:

  109. Alexandra Moran says:

    Liked on Facebook as well :)
  110. Aidan says:

    Hello I'm a Nigerian prince who needs fonts. If i win i will wire you 10,0000000000000 pounds... or something :) Thanks
  111. carl bean-larson says:

    I like turtles
  112. mrtz says:

    nice! i got to know about this blog via the typeface competition. so if i win, this closes the circle, right?
  113. Jens Draser-Schieb says:

    Beautiful fonts from beautiful Zürich.
  114. Steven says:

    Nice Type!
  115. christine says:

    i really like it! and also liked on facebook :)
  116. cory says:

    mmmmmm! beautiful font!
  117. Kathy says:

    I live next to Staefa - in Maennedorf so that caught my eye. Love the letters too!
  118. Alyssa Kaye says:

    This is amazing.
  119. Nigel Smith says:

    Beautiful. Would love to win!
  120. Silver says:

    GT Pressura Mono looks really inspiring.
  121. Nigel Smith says:

    Liked your facebook.
  122. Kevin Jones says:

    looks great
  123. Bret Baker says:

    I diggin' these. Count me in.
  124. Bret Baker says:

    I also liked on facebook.
  125. Sarah says:

  126. Shannon DeCock says:

    Thanks so much for hosting such a great giveaway! Fingers crossed …
  127. Thomas says:

    Wouldn't be wrong with a little pressura...
  128. Jamie Leach says:

    I love these!
  129. Jamie Leach says:

    AND I just liked you on Facebook!
  130. manoo says:

  131. Jacob says:

    Need these.
  132. Carel Fransen says:

    monospaced fonts! :>
  133. Carel Fransen says:

    okay liked on fb as well. ;)
  134. Frank C. says:

    Pressura Bold is a BEAUTY
  135. Rebecca Horwitz says:

    inspirational fonts
  136. Michelle Tan says:

    Beautiful! would love to win!!!
  137. Michelle Tan says:

    And I also like your facebook page!
  138. Paul says:

    No facebook for me. So posting a comment will have to do! Best of luck all!
  139. Katie says:

    Hot fonts! Hot Facebook page! Liked/loved both.
  140. CW says:

    Love these – esp Olten!
  141. Verelle says:

    want! these!
  142. Yoshi says:

    Nice. Sign me up please!
  143. Yoshi says:

    And I liked your Facebook page... your cover photo is really cute!
  144. Bjarte says:

  145. Jeffrey says:

  146. Jennifer says:

    Love these fonts!
  147. Amy Wheeler says:

    I'm in a graduate advertising program and this would be a life saver!
  148. strongowski says:

    Me! (fb page liked already)
  149. Theo says:

    Grilli is Switzerland at its best, again.
  150. Theo says:

    And liking your page on facebook very much.
  151. Priscilla P says:

    Gorgeous! Crossing my fingers!
  152. Andria says:

    I wants it, the precious.
  153. Jeff says:

  154. Jeff says:

    Also Yes on Facebook!
  155. Katie Contests says:

    Thanks for the giveaway :)
  156. Katie Contests says:

    I also liked you on FB (Katie Contests)
  157. Ryan says:

    Excited about these faces, I'm already having wordmark ideas for them!
  158. Brad O says:

    Extraordinarily excited about Swiss type. Thank you for the opportunity!
  159. Brad O says:

    ... and have liked. Thanks again.
  160. Julie G says:

    Love these fonts!
  161. shafina says:

    what a great giveaway! *keeping fingers crossed until friday*
  162. shafina says:

    i've also liked your fb page, of course :)
  163. Jen says:

    Love these!
  164. Patrycja says:

    oh oh oh! I want it! Think it would suit my new project very well... And I like you on facebook already ;)
  165. Sarah says:

    Thanks so much for the chance! Crossing my fingies..
  166. Madison says:

    Wonderful typefaces!
  167. Madison Krueger says:

    Type! Type! Type!
  168. Madison Krueger says:

    Love this set of typefaces!
  169. Madison Krueger says:

    Liked the facebook page.
  170. Susan says:

    My daughter, a graphic design student, would love this!
  171. René says:

    Very Nice.
  172. Becca says:

    Great idea for a give away! Epic type love!
  173. Tiffanie says:

    Awesome! And I liked your facebook.
  174. Valery says:

    This would be such a wonderful gift for my university projects!
  175. Alex Pico says:

    Really nice cuts both proportional and monospaced GT Pressura! Liked Grilli Type on FB.
  176. Emily says:

    Ah! I love these! I could definitely put one of these to work.
  177. Emily says:

    Also, I liked your Facebook page!
  178. Raf says:

    this just punched a hole of niceness through my day. trust me thats no mean feat
  179. Elle says:

    Sweet giveaway, nice idea!
  180. Anne says:

    Love this giveaway! I'd totally put these to good use.
  181. Jean Chouinard says:

    I'm commenting. I'm also liking your Facebook page!
  182. jorge says:

  183. Seb says:

    Hello. I'd love to win this package!
  184. Olivia says:

  185. Geoff says:

    Goodness gracious: I covet both of the bold italics.
  186. Biauer says:

    Awesome typefaces and awesome giveaway!
  187. Jocelyn says:

  188. Russ says:

    they all look awesome would love to use them !
  189. Sivam says:

    Omg this would be awesome to kickstart my career. Loving the simplicity.
  190. Mark says:

    Fab font! oh my i would love to use it :-)
  191. Martin says:

    NIce type. Nice giveaway. I like it. And I like your facebook.
  192. blo says:

    Would realy like to work with them.
  193. Mathieu says:

    I love you! :)
  194. Mathieu says:

    I've liked your facebook !
  195. Isabel says:

    Great gift!!
  196. Rich Howell says:

    Love a beautiful font. Commented and liked
  197. John | Diseño web Sevilla says:

    Great typo, hope to be lucky!
  198. Daniel L says:

    They are beautiful typefaces for sure.
  199. Jenny Lettow says:

    Yeah, superduper Typo. I would love to win and use the Font!
  200. Marco says:

    Gt Pressura FTW!
  201. Vinz says:

  202. chenghao says:

    finger cross xx
  203. Hendrik says:

    nice fonts!
  204. Hendrik says:

    facebook like +1 ;)
  205. Sarah. says:

    Wowzie! I always come here for type inspiration :)
  206. Sarah. says:

    And I already liked your facebook page I think :)
  207. david konstantinou says:

    I promise, if I win I will use them wisely.
  208. Hélène says:

    Love you, love this fonts !!!
  209. Tinabeth says:

    These are awesome!
  210. marine says:

    finger crossed X
  211. Tessa says:

  212. Tessa says:

    More pretty pretty pretty pleeaaaase and one Facebook like!
  213. Lieve says:

    Great fonts!
  214. Sam says:

    These look so good.
  215. rafael says:

    good luck everyone! excellent prize!
  216. jon bland says:

    g e n e r i c p o s i t i v e r e s p o n s e *crosses fingers*
  217. Megan says:

    Love it!
  218. Nadra says:

  219. Jessica Kohl says:

    The world of new typefaces will never die!
  220. Cathy says:

    Love it! What an awesome prize!
  221. Daniel says:

    sweet type! Do Want
  222. Johann Flores says:

    I got skills for that...!
  223. Nathan says:

    In school for graphic design and can always use more fonts.
  224. Johanna says:

    fonts > (oh and i liked ya'll on fbook! Joey Brohanna)
  225. Jennifer says:

    Awesome giveaway!
  226. Nate says:

    These are great!
  227. Señor Gómez says:

    Una limosna para un ex-leproso. Suerte.
  228. Elly says:

    Oooh me likey! :) x
  229. ilpiac says:

    Free trials are really useful! How can a designer experiment with a font and make the client buy it if he can't try it before purchase? Like on FB too :)
  230. Wendy Blue says:

    Great contest!
  231. Wendy Blue says:

    And just liked you on Facebook also!
  232. Greg Warner says:

    Both are very nice font families. Would love to have this in my toolbox!
  233. Remilla Ty says:

  234. Hazel says:

    Would love to win either of their fabulous typeface! Thanks for this giveaway :)
  235. Hazel says:

    I've also liked your page on Facebook. Don't know how I overlooked that before today, but it's never too late I hope
  236. Annie says:

    Love these! I also liked your FB page!
  237. shaz says:

    love this font!
  238. Silke says:

    Of course I'm in!
  239. Adam Siemers says:

    need it!
  240. Nicholas says:

    Just saw some of their work on type token recently! so beautiful!
  241. Nina says:

    Thank you for this awesome opportunity!!
  242. Nina says:

    I already liked you on facebook! Thanks again :)
  243. Shannon says:

    Very awesome typeface!
  244. Becca says:

    These are awesome!
  245. Daniel says:

    I'd actually love trying some of these on upcoming college projects!
  246. Dustin Harper says:

    Wow would love to win these!!
  247. Christina says:

    VERY COOL!! I'm a facebook fan!
  248. Demian Johnston says:

    Don't mind if I do...
  249. Hélène says:

    lik­ing your page on Facebook : ok !
  250. Nick says:

    These would look great in my collection!!
  251. Nick says:

    ...and Facebooked, glad you mentioned it!
  252. Berumen says:

    Want an awe­some font!
  253. .WALD. says:

    this would make me .h.a.p.p.y.
  254. CeriseH says:

  255. CeriseH says:

    and facebooked too!
  256. Nagele Dimitri says:

    just tried the trial, she's amazing…
  257. Norm says:

    Thanks for holding the contest!
  258. Hannah V says:

    love it!
  259. Hannah V says:

    also liked on Facebook :)
  260. Sebastian says:

    Oh, I also liked the FB page. Forgot to post it earlier.
  261. Damien says:

    Nice fonts!
  262. Damien says:

    + just liked on facebook
  263. Migi says:

    Would loooove to have one of these!! They look great to be honest. Also liked the post on fb AND your fb page ;)
  264. Felix says:

    This would do so good on my website ...
  265. Aydin Ghajar says:

    I promise to put the font to work in a gorgeous design if I win!
  266. Tylor says:

    Very nice typeface. I dig it!
  267. Steffen says:

    yes sir
  268. Siobhan Gallagher says:

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful!
  269. Dina Alas says:

    Would love to get this fonts. That is awesome!
  270. ZachBurns says:

    Give me those fonts.
  271. Angie says:

    Ohh la la!
  272. Nelson says:

  273. Nelson says:

    Facebook like > check
  274. r Grainger says:

  275. Paul Bird says:

    Very nice work. I'd love to use these in some more creative training materials for the charity I work for.
  276. Jong H. Oh says:

    Beautiful!! Love it ;-)
  277. Jong H. Oh says:

    Liked on Facebook!!
  278. Allison says:

    Would love to get my hands on these fonts!
  279. Phoenix Moore says:

  280. Pierre says:

    These fonts are so neat! Love them!
  281. Pierre says:

    Just liked your Facebook page too, right now! Thanks for the give away :-)
  282. lucas says:

    A mi por favor. Me gusta mucho la tipografía Gracias
  283. Jeremy says:

    Lovely font sets. Thanks.
  284. Prateek Lala says:

    Those are some sweet, sweet typefaces :) Liked you on FB too!
  285. Addison says:

    Gorgeous!! Would LOVE to have it :-)
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