Martino&Jaña: Guimarães Jazz 2012

I’ve always enjoyed the designs Martino&Jaña have created for the Guimarães Jazz festival. (If you’ve missed their past work on DWL you can check them out here: 2009, 2010, 2011.) This year’s edition is no different. Here’s a bit about their approach to the 2012 posters and book:

We wanted something different for the 2012 edition of Guimarães Jazz. Music is visually abstract and, in our perspective, Jazz is the most visual of the music genres. Having this will and rationalization in mind, we developed a graphic solution based on geometrical abstraction of musical instruments, where circles become drums or saxophones, and stripes in piano keys…
We also tried to get the vintage look of the golden years of Jazz, with the intention of maintaining the warmth and personality that the years lend the communication.MartinoJana_GUIMARAES2012_01










  1. Tohid says:

    warmth and per­son­al­ity that the years lend the communication.
  2. John | Diseño web Sevilla says:

    I love this work, the layout is just perfect, and so the colours
  3. Working in America | Tim says:

    [...] Martino&Jaña: Guimarães Jazz 2012 ( [...]
  4. JAZZ! | --- W210 BAGC blog --- says:

    […] these posters for a Jazz Festival by Martino&Jaña, great use of type and bold geometric shapes and a […]
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