RE:DESIGN/UXD Conference Giveaway

This giveaway in now closed.


Today I’m happy to once again offer one lucky reader a free pass to the next RE:DESIGN conference, RE:DESIGN UXD, which is coming up this April in Silicon Valley. Here are the details:

RE:DESIGN/UX Design will take place in Silicon Valley on April 29–30, 2013. Like our other RE:DESIGN events, the focus is on salon-style discussions. You’ll be sitting around the table engaged in spirited conversations with industry leaders and your peers.

Our theme for 2013 is “James Bond is an Experience Designer: What UXD Can Learn from How Others Think” — As we hurtle into the future and the concept of “experiences” changes dramatically by the day, what it means to be an “experience designer” is changing, too. At RE:DESIGN/UXD we’ll dive in and see what we can learn about crafting the future of experience by thinking like a British spy, a journalist, a genome-code cracker and beyond.

The Fine Print:
The giveaway includes one pass to the RE:DESIGN/UX Design conference, valued at $645.00. Winner is responsible for travel and lodging for the event. Winner will be selected at random. The giveaway will be open from now through this coming Friday, February 22 at 6:00 PM EST. In order to enter, simply leave a comment here with the session leader you’re most excited to hear from. Good luck!

And if you don’t happen to win this time around, you can still get a dicsount on tickets just for being a DWL reader. Simply enter coupon code DWL at checkout to get $50 the price of registration.


  1. Long says:

    Andy Gilliland from Punchcut!
  2. Deandra Olivieri says:

    Most excited for Tim Richards' "What We Can Learn from Rock Stars", but everyone sounds too good to pass up! D
  3. Rachel says:

    Can't wait to hear from Carrie Whitehead of Zappos!
  4. Ben Wallace says:

    David Austin
  5. AYLW says:

    I'm most excited to see What Can We Learn from Graphic Design with Andy Gililland
  6. Megan says:

    I'm most excited about "What We Can Learn from a Rule-Breaker"
  7. Tim says:

    Most excited to see Marisa Gallagher from CNN speak. She's a great UXer with great ideas.
  8. Paola Mânica says:

    Most excited to see Mel Lim, “What We Can Learn from a Rule-Breaker”
  9. Holly says:

    Excited to hear from Carrie Whitehead at Zappos.
  10. Gena says:

    Would love to hear Andy Gilliland
  11. Melissa says:

    Excited to hear Carrie Whitehead of Zappos!
  12. Bryan Farevaag says:

    Most excited to hear Andy Gilliland speak about What Can We Learn from Graphic Design.
  13. Mario says:

    I really want to see Ben Clemens!
  14. Jarrett Bato says:

    Motorola Mobility! ExciteBike
  15. Mai-Chi says:

    Would be most excited to see Carrie Whitehead!
  16. Anum says:

    Andy Gilliland!!
  17. Heidi Olsen says:

    Ben Clemens from! UX Storytelling is what makes our jobs fulfilling!
  18. Angela K says:

    Mel Lim! :D
  19. Scott Schaller says:

    Mel Lim. Looking forward to this gathering.
  20. meligrosa says:

    Andy Gilliland! Graphic Designers FTW :)
  21. Ashley Arbour says:

    Ben Clemens!
  22. Gina says:

    eager to hear from Michelle Haag
  23. Chad Kirsebom says:

  24. Tiffanie says:

    I'm most excited about Andy Gilliland!
  25. hui hsien says:

    Ben Clemens please. :) Hoping for insights on how to rethink everyday life in this conference!
  26. Maria del Rosario says:

    Can't wait to hear about Disruptors from Zappos' Carrie Whitehead... Go, change agents!
  27. Steven says:

    I'm excited to hear Andy Gilliland
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