Colle + McVoy: Caribou Coffee Life Is Campaign

This week Colle + McVoy is rolling out a new campaign for Caribou Coffee, based around the theme: “Life is more than coffee. That’s why there’s coffee.” I’m not very familiar with this brand, since they don’t have any locations in New York, but this is definitely the type of campaign that would get me into the store. I’m especially loving all of the coffee cup designs.











  1. Norene Bruxvoort says:

    LOVE YOUR CUPS AND DESIGNS!!! Wish we had Caribou in Iowa. Got hooked on it in Minn. while visiting.
  2. Bryce says:

    These are great designs. I'm another Iowan who got hooked on Caribou in Minnesota. Looks like we do have some locations here:
  3. Caribou Coffee Life Is Campaign | says:

    […] I’m really digging this new campaign for Caribou Coffee from Colle + McVoy, based around the theme: “Life is more than cof­fee. That’s why there’s cof­fee.” Check it out at Design Work Life. […]
  4. Momentairly Obsessed With… – Ashley Grove Mars says:

    […] music…but also some excellent Motown-style jams and I just can’t get enough of! illustrated coffee cups.  Aren’t these cups killer? I am fantasizing about all the different designs I could […]
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