Sagmeister & Walsh: Halftone Satisfaction for Moo


Sagmeister & Walsh are the latest in the line of excellent designers to collaborate with Moo on a line of cards for their Luxe collection. In typical Sagmeister & Walsh fashion, they took an edgy approach to their design, creating a series of business card-sized messages that are intended “to be handed to anyone you meet who delights or annoys you.” (Fair warning: there is a bit of cursing below. So if that offends you, you may want to avoid scrolling down.)



Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh like to tell it like it is, and they wanted to provide others with an easy way to speak their mind, so they created “Halftone Satisfaction” a collection of seven sets of seven cards. Individual cards are to be handed out to anyone you meet who either delights or annoys you. The lighter the card, the nicer the message: The fronts of the cards are solid black with a message to share, and the backs of the cards have a black dot pattern that builds from mostly white for the brighter sentiments, to a solid black for the darkest of messages. Sagmeister says of the collection, “It’s a test of what kind of person you are…” 













I don’t know if I’d actually have the guts to hand out the more angry ones, but they sure would come handy on the subway. All proceeds from the sales go to New York’s Coalition for the Homeless. You can browse the collection and pick up a set for yourself right here starting tomorrow.


  1. Erin says:

    :) I love those, such a clever idea.
  2. Linh says:

    I wouldn't spend the money or go through the extra effort just to be mean to someone.
  3. sagmeister & walsh luxe project design | Rob Wilson Photography Blog says:

    [...] few blog posts featuring my photography for this design: HOW Design Design boom Design Work Life It’s Nice That Felt & Wire Laughing [...]
  4. douglas says:

    I made similar cards for bad parents a few years ago. horrible response ( from bad parents )
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