Hello Texas!

Well, after a series of many travel hiccups, I finally arrived in Hunt, Texas at Camp Waldemar at 2AM earlier today. It was quite the adventure. But after all of that, I can still confidently say that the long trip was worth it. This place is beautiful—the kind of place that will allow and inspire you to create without distraction. I took some time this morning, before diving into any of the workshops, to explore the grounds. There’s quite a bit to see.











There isn’t a ton of online accessibility out here—which is the point, to unplug and make things—but I will still be sharing photos on Instagram sporadically, and posting daily, so follow along!


For more information, check out the Design Ranch site.

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  1. Allison Richardson says:

    What an inspiring place to be! I worked at Camp Stewart many years back, just 2.5 miles down the road from you. I'll never forget how incredibly beautiful it is there. Have a great time!
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