Kern and Burn: Conversations With Design Entrepreneurs

The creative minds behind Kern and Burn, 100 Days of Entrepeneurship have just launched the site for their first book, Kern and Burn: Conversations With Design Entrepreneurs. In the book, co-authors Tim Hoover and Jessica Karle Heltzel feature interviews with 30 designers about their failures, successes and perspectives on entrepreneurship. It sounds like an excellent read for any designer who is currently running or in the process of starting a business. I’m especially excited to get my hands on it. Pick up a copy for yourself right here. KernandBurn_Book_01 KernandBurn_Book_02 KernandBurn_Book_03 KernandBurn_Book_04 KernandBurn_Book_05 KernandBurn_Book_06 KernandBurn_Book_07

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  1. Bookshelf: What We’re Reading « 40 Wooster « Wert & Company says:

    [...] Scarponi’s ELIOOO, which employs a simple system of hypdroponics. Kern and Burn recently released Conversations with Design Entrepreneurs, a great collection of interviews with 30 designers on [...]
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