The “Design Is” Newsprint

Chicago-based designer Buddy Boor recently sent over this excellent project with a great look and a great message, the “Design Is” newsprint, an educational newspaper for Chicago high school students:

Through the AIGA Chicago Mentor Program, a group of Chicago based designers and researchers collaborated to design a newsprint to inspire and educate Chicago high schools students about the power, potential and possibilities of design. We designed a newsprint piece where we illustrated and visualized 11 words that we felt best communicated and exemplified the meaning of design. The “Design Is” newsprint was distributed at the 2013 Chicago Design Youth Forum hosted by Project Osmosis.









Design Credits:
Monina Velarde / @moninavelarde
Katy Dondzilla / @katydondz
Buddy Boor
Darren Gennetten
Kelby Hawn / @kelbyhawn
Shannon Delaney
Kaity Li
Diba Salimi
Amanda Amyx / @aymixer

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