Rick Murphy: Seattle Print

Rick Murphy, of Hardly Code, just released his first print inspired by the city of Seattle. The four-color screen print, signed and numbered by the artist, is available right here for $35. Love it.






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  1. Designspiration_2-D Digital Imaging_Design Observed | Jt Design says:

    […] Courtney. “Seamless Creative.” Design Work Life. Seamless Creative, LLC, 24 May 2013. We… 1. Seattle, Rick Murphy-Illustration 2. The use of diagonals and the complementary blue orange color scheme give the illustration a sense of depth. There is no type. This image is strictly an illustration. 3. I sense the illustration was created in Illustrator due to the straight lines that are combined to create shapes and then filled with color. Iíd say the design elements embrace the simplicity of the illustration. 4. I was drawn to this piece because of its simplicity, however the closer and longer you look at it the more complex it is. I really like the idea of something looking simple when in reality itís complex. […]
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