Savvy Studio: Puebla 109 Identity and Collateral

Savvy Studio recently worked on the design for Puebla 109, a new gastropub in Mexico City. The identity consists of a series of icons inspired by Mexican postage stamps throughout history.

SavvyStudio_Puebla109_01 SavvyStudio_Puebla109_02 SavvyStudio_Puebla109_03 SavvyStudio_Puebla109_04 SavvyStudio_Puebla109_05 SavvyStudio_Puebla109_06 SavvyStudio_Puebla109_07 SavvyStudio_Puebla109_08 SavvyStudio_Puebla109_09 SavvyStudio_Puebla109_10 SavvyStudio_Puebla109_11 SavvyStudio_Puebla109_12 SavvyStudio_Puebla109_13 SavvyStudio_Puebla109_14 SavvyStudio_Puebla109_15 SavvyStudio_Puebla109_16 SavvyStudio_Puebla109_17 SavvyStudio_Puebla109_18 SavvyStudio_Puebla109_19

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  1. Inspiration Rx Week 2 | Fleagle Design says:

    […] 2. P-109 […]
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