Why We Love Boston in Winter

Jessica Hische has posted some great new work on her blog. One project being six awesome covers for Boston Globe “G” magazine, printed consecutively during one week. Below are my three favorites, but you can take a look at the rest right here.

Why We Love Boston in Winter 01

Why We Love Boston in Winter 02

Why We Love Boston in Winter 03


  1. John says:

    These are awesome! You didn't post it here, but I think the coffee cup one is my favorite.
  2. aa says:

    Does anyone know when she created these covers? The one of the sled is very similar to some collateral work the City of Boston put out a few years ago...
  3. Courtney says:

    I think it was last year. But you may find a more accurate date by checking out her blog: http://jessicahische.blogspot.com/
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