T-shirt Wednesdays

I first discovered Maryink t-shirts a couple of years ago at the Renegade Craft Fair, and immediately loved them. So I was excited to see some new (to me, at least) designs when I recently checked up on her shop.

Hills Organic Tee
Hills Organic Tee, $30 at etsy

Laurel Organic Tee in Charcoal
Laurel Organic Tee in Charcoal, $28 at etsy

And on another note, you should check out the new-to-me blog, Typotees, which features—if you hadn’t guessed—typographic t-shirts, daily. (via Creattica Daily)


  1. kate says:

    That top one is perfection!!
  2. Andrea says:

    nice, i love the first one. might buy that for myself...
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