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Visual bookmarking sites have been popping up like crazy lately, and I’ve promptly gotten addicted to them. I’ve found that they’re generally a great source of inspiration (if you can put up with the half-naked people who seem to be cropping up lately). Inspired Magazine put together this article compiling 10 of their top picks. I found a few new ones, but a couple of my go-to sites were missing. So I’ve listed my personal favorites below.



Share Some Candy


Yay! Everyday


We Love Typography





  1. jane says:

    i wanted to join ffffound! bummer that it's invite only.
  2. mary.c says:

    I've been using in lieu of ffffound being on invite only basis. So far I really like it. But, yes, the naked people popping up are disturbing -- especially since I like to hop on for some inspiration while I'm at the office. YIKES!
  3. yael miller says:

    share some candy is one of the only that doesn't have any nudity or even suggestive images. we want to appeal to all ages and sensibilities.
  4. Courtney says:

    I totally appreciate that! Your site really is the only one that I have not seen anything like that on lately. It's definitely become one of my favorite daily stops.
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