Holiday Type

FLAT-IT, an independent type foundry based in Japan, produces a whole range of various display faces. I previously wrote about one of their fonts, HT Cartoleria, here; but I just learned that Cartoleria is actually part of their larger Holiday Type series. Now with its own dedicated site, the 17 (thus far) Holiday Type fonts are based on retro storefront lettering, hand-painted signage and advertisements. At $20 a pop (less in some cases), I think it’s definitely worth picking up a few.

Holiday Type

From left to right, top to bottom:
1. HT Motel, 2. HT Orologiaio, 3. HT Cafe, 4. HT Tabaccaio, 5. HT Espresso, 6. HT Profumeria, 7. HT Maison, 8. HT Libreria, 9. HT Trattoria, 10. HT Farmacia, 11. HT Osteria, 12. HT Cartoleria, 13. HT Neon, 14. HT Gelateria, 15. HT Pasticceria, 16. HT Pizzeria, 17. HT Fiorista


  1. Lucy C says:

    These are lovely. I love number 3 and number 11 and defitely be investing in some of these. Thanks for sharing.
  2. pleasesir says:

    Oh my gosh...I'm in love. Just what I'm looking for to finally re-do my blog header.
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