The Typography of Harry Potter

For the past however many years since the Harry Potter craze began, I’ve managed to avoid getting hooked. I’ll probably never read the books, but with the newest movie just released, I was finally convinced to start watching the series from the beginning. So over the weekend I began with the first one, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. And while the movie was definitely entertaining, I was completely distracted by the gorgeous typography used throughout. The meticulous attention to detail used to create this imaginary world, right down to the last letter, was extremely impressive. So I took it upon myself to take a few screenshots of the examples I liked most. Since I haven’t seen even a glimpse of the rest, I’m sure there will be more to come. Can’t wait.

Edit: There are tons of people credited on the art of the film, but I see two people actually listed as “lettering artists”, Bob Walker and Julian Walker.

Harry Potter 01

Harry Potter 02

Harry Potter 03

Harry Potter 04

Harry Potter 05

Harry Potter 06


  1. Toilet says:

    Good article. I watched Harry Potter 5 (I can't remember the 'and...' titles) and was impressed with the end title credits typography.
  2. Jen says:

    Just wait 'til Order of the Phoenix. Some even more amazing typography there! Especially in publication design. ;)
  3. Adam R Garcia says:

    Any word on who worked on the lettering / typography for the film? I saw the movie, but missed the credits.
  4. Jason Alejandro says:

    I thought maybe Daniel Reeves had something to do with these, but not so. He did great work for the LOTR trilogy and Chronicles of Narnia though.
  5. Henry Sene Yee says:

    You're right. Gorgeous typography used throughout the films. I like that there are thumbs in all the photos too. Two Thumbledores up for this article.
  6. dee says:

    Great article, I also love all the little design details in the film. However, I felt compelled to leave a comment because I MUST urge you to read the books rather than watch the movies! I love the latest film, but it just made me want to go back to reading the books again. I started reading them when I was still in school, but I'm 25 now and I still love them :^) Give them a try!
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