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As previously mentioned, this week I’ve taken off to the Outer Banks for a much-needed vacation. And lucky for me, I’ve got some great blogger friends who agreed to guest post while I’m gone, starting with Jane of simple + pretty.

gift set for ecole
gift set for ecole (2008)

Hi! I’m Jane, and I’m so happy to be guest blogging today with a few posts I’ve put together for Courtney. I write a blog called simple + pretty where the focus is pretty paper and pretty things. If you’re a regular simple + pretty reader, you no doubt know that I am obsessed with Korean paper company O-Check. It’s one of those sites I have to check in on regularly to see what’s new. My latest find at O-Check is their “partnership” link, where they’ve shared photos of  work they’ve put together for a variety of companies. I’ve showcased a few favorites for you here, but be sure to click over to the O-Check site so you can see it all. Perhaps you’ll start checking in on them, too.

note set for mimicry (2007)
note set for mimicry (2007)
binder, card case + other materials for korean film museum (2007)
binder, card case + other materials for korean film museum (2007)

images from o-check.net

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