Matthew Rainwaters

I am completely enthralled with the portfolio of Matthew Rainwaters. He clearly has a knack for snapping quirky portraits that somehow manage to capture the subject’s personality while still letting his sense of humor come through. (I mean, a section of his site is reserved for a “Beardfolio“. How awesome is that?) You can also check out more of his work, including the series below, “Creepy Glasses in White” on his blog.

Matthew Rainwaters

And I can’t write this post without mentioning his site’s design and copywriting, which is equally quirky and fun, and reflects the tone of his images perfectly.


  1. Patrick Algrim says:

    Ooh, you think the blond would marry me?
  2. Cody Haltom | design work life says:

    [...] week Matt Rainwaters (who I posted about here) wrote in to let me know that Cody Haltom, a member of the Public School collective, is the [...]
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