The Job Application Process

I’m loving the style of The Job Application Process, a series of personal infographics created by designer Jacob Heftmann while he tries to find employment. He’s got some great stuff in his portfolio, so someone should hurry up and hire him!

The Job Application Process 01

The Job Application Process 02

The Job Application Process 03

The Job Application Process 04


  1. Prescott Perez-Fox says:

    I've been saving the job ads I've applied for since 2005. However, during my annual wipe-and-install of my computer, I deleted my Jobs 2009 folder, thus losing the records of where I applied during the year. More than this, I didn't record the number of how many jobs (and gigs) I tried to get — I estimate it was somewhere around 320. Of those, I had 8 interviews, one of which led to my present [freelance] job. The real interesting statistics are the lurking variables — how many of these jobs were introduced by a contact, and did that lead to an interview; was there a job ad, or was it a cold email; was the job post a "blind" ad (where the name of the company isn't given); was the interview set up by a recruiter, etc. Perhaps data mining for job seekers is an emerging field...
  2. Catherine says:

    I simply love his work! Interesting, informative, and witty all at the same time! Good luck to him on the job hunt!
  3. Jenna says:

    Geez oh man he needs to simplify his website! I couldn't figure it out in 30 seconds so I wanted to leave. People have short attention spans...hopefully he'll realize that soon and stick to a more legible/understandable site.
  4. Alphonse says:

    Very awesome. Pretty depressing for anyone looking for a job though.
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