A Dress and a Gig Poster

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of inspiration post series that pair two seemingly different objects together—a piece of clothing and a home accessory, for example. So while it’s not necessarily a new idea, I absolutely love Kate McCagg’s spin on it. So far she’s pulled together some great poster and dress picks, which you can see on her tumblr or on polyvore.

Edit: So sorry for the name misspelling Kate—Fixed!


  1. Ted says:

    LOVE it! PS- It's McCagg, with a "C" not McGagg with a "G"
  2. Kate McCagg says:

    Oh gosh! I'm blushing. Thanks for posting my nerdy dress and poster love!
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  5. sovi says:

    basically every creature in this earth both living and non living one has own design... very interesting info.... thank you
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