A Brief (and Belated) Hello

Hello from Hawaii!

Apologies, readers, for not checking in sooner. I had planned on having lots of posts lined up for you before the wedding, but with all the last minute preparations it just wasn’t possible. The good news though—for me anyway—is that everything went off without a hitch, and we have been happily relaxing in Maui for the past week.

We’ll be back in NYC later next week, so you’ll have to endure one more week of radio silence and then we will be back in action. And for now, enjoy this tiny snippet of the daily amazingness we’re experiencing here. Many more pics to come.


  1. Signorina Navarra says:

    Have fun and looking forward to your future posts! :)
  2. jpk says:

    Have a great time in Hawaii!
  3. Mariona says:

    Have a nice beautiful sunset in Hawaii. See you. ;)
  4. sharoncs says:

    Congratulations! That picture is gorgeous.
  5. JD says:

  6. Allywan says:

  7. dave says:

    Congrats! Have a great time in Hawaii!
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