Guerrilla Gardening

Probably the biggest thing that irks me about our current living situation is the lack of outdoor space. So while these Seed Bombs wouldn’t actually be useful to me now, I’d love for them to be some day—both for their usefulness and their great typographic packaging.


  1. Krystle Rose says:

    I love the bold, san serif type that says "seed bombs." It's such pretty packaging (butterflies, vinery, little canvas bag) that it made me laugh when I realized what it was for.
  2. visualingual says:

    Heh, you can throw them into a neighbor's unmaintained garden and then enjoy the wildflowers from the comfort of the sidewalk!
  3. faucethead creative says:

    I saw these at Antrho one day. Not sure about the effectiveness of them, but they sure are lovely!
  4. Elsewhere « Visualingual says:

    [...] 17, 2010 by visualingual Guerrilla Gardening: the inspiring blog Design Work Life likes our seed [...]
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