LEGO + Letterpress

A match made in heaven? I think so. Pick up prints right here.


  1. Jonathan says:

    This is so cool. Can we sale some of these for you? AWESOME!!!
  2. - Nerdcore says:

    [...] Printing with Lego. Die Motive könnten ein bisschen spannender sein, aber ich mag die Idee. Sehr. (via Coudal) [...]
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    [...] design work life] var addthis_config = [...]
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    [...] you know me, you know I love all things letterpress. Check out these amazing lego letterpress prints…very clever [...]
  6. lego prints by physical fiction « alem do cubo branco says:

    [...] fonte: designworklife [...]
  7. Amanda says:

    WAY COOL! If I only had access to a vandercook letterpress, I would totally be trying this out! Thanks for the cool post!
  8. Lego Letter press « The Mind of Scubba Steve says:

    [...] Awesome. Check it out: [...]
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    [...] photo via designworklife Read the Full Story » | More on MAKE » | Comments » | Read more articles in LEGO [...]
  10. alexandra keller says:

    i don't have a press, but i think legos would make super fun stamps with the kid!
  11. Lego Letterpress « moodleink says:

    [...] I have of building petrol stations and fire trucks with my brother when I was little. Found on you can purchase these prints [...]
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    [...] via Design Work Life [...]
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    [...] but what isn’t? Design Work Life > Coudal > [...]
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    [...] Limited edition art made by freakin’ Lego bricks, I must remind you. [Physical Fiction via Designworklife] [...]
  16. michael hepher says:

    wow. That's a great idea! Who doesn't love lego and letterpresses? Thanks for the daily inspiration.
  17. Kim says:

    This is beyond genius! I think I need to go back and rethink some of my childhood toys too. The possibilities are endless!
  18. Lego letterpress! The best thing since pumpkin candy corn. « Lolo Print Co. says:

    [...] Why didn’t I think of this! Absolutely genius. I love seeing all the different methods and techniques people use to showcase the beauty of letterpress.  I am definitely going to visit their website and snag me print or two!  Via design work life. [...]
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    [...] 5. Legos and letterpress, a match made in heaven via Designworklife [...]
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    [...] LEGO + Letterpress = A match made in heaven. [...]
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    [...] check out more here Tagged with: awesome, colors, cool, graphic design, lego, letterpress, things i like [...]
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    [...] A partnership made in Earthly Heaven: Legos meet Letterpress, Letterpress … Legos [...]
  23. Armina says:

    Love the idea! In fact, MIAT museum in Ghent (Belgium) organize weekly workshops for children (6-12 years old) where they learn to print using lego tiles. Children like it very much.
  24. LEGO Letterpress says:

    [...] via design work life > [...]
  25. Hand Made Hard Times — LEGO Letterpress says:

    [...] Photos of the results over at design work life. [...]
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    [...] man nicht nur mit gravierten Platten drucken kann zeigt “Seamless Creative” auf seiner Webseite. Auf einer alten Hochdruckmaschine wurden Legosteine entsprechend dem Motiv angeordnet, eingefärbt [...]
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    [...] pics here var a2a_config = a2a_config || {}; a2a_config.linkname="Lego meets letterpress"; [...]
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    [...] (via [...]
  29. LEGOpress - Design Therapy Girls says:

    [...] What a brilliant concept! These beautiful letterpress prints are actually made with LEGO toys. I can’t believe nobody thought of this before! And the prints are stunning, to boot. When I’m home at Thanksgiving, I think I may just raid my little brother’s toy chest for inspiration… :) [via designworklife]. [...]
  30. fessols&naps says:

    This technique remember me a post we published a few months ago. Stukenborg studio use dice to do something similar. if you want to check it:
  31. design work life » A LEGO + Letterpress Giveaway! says:

    [...] read­ers, do I have a treat for you today. Remember this post? Well Justin Larosa of Physical Fiction is gen­er­ously offer­ing you 2 free new prints! The [...]
  32. g:lou » Lego + Letterpress says:

    [...] Interesante proyecto de manos de Physical Fiction. Letterpress impresos con piezas de Lego. Si queréis algún cartel lo podéis adquirir aquí. Y aprovecho para enseñaros otro letterpress, esta vez hecho con dados. [...]
  33. Peter says:

    I don't get it. A more detailed write up by Courtney would have been great.
  34. Courtney says:

    Hi Peter, I'm not sure if you don't get the process or the appeal of it. It was the former...If you look at the second image, you can see that actual LEGO pieces have been used in place of a letterpress plate or wood blocks to make the design. Hope that helps/
  35. LEGO + Letterpressswissmiss | Tiripitiri Blog says:

    [...] What happens when you combine two things that make me happy? LEGO + Lettpress = YAY! [...]
  36. Peter says:

    Thank you Courtney, I understand now. Nice. Btw, I've never seen translucent lego pieces like that before. Where did you get them/what are they called?
  37. LEGO Links « Ein Stück vom Glück says:

    [...] 5. Streetart von dispatchwork via createYU, 6. Letterpress mit LEGO von physical fiction via designworklife, 7. Typographie via we love typography, 8. LEGO Schokolade via, 9. [...]
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    [...] chief deception officer residing in t... Terrible abuse of Quora (probably) but did you see this : Not an answer to your question but hey ! DW xInsert a dynamic date hereView All 0 CommentsCannot [...]
  39. Letterpress « Natalie Bradbury says:

    [...] See more images here. [...]
  40. P Fraterdeus says:

    I'm going to put my Etch-a-Sketch on the Vandercook and see what happens ;-)
  41. Letterpressin’ With Lego | Ambrose says:

    [...] but what isn’t? Design Work Life > Coudal > PSFK Tweet No [...]
  42. La Factoría recomienda… « La Factoría Plástica says:

    [...] Interesante proyecto de manos de Physical Fiction. Letterpress impresos con piezas de Lego. Muy curioso. [...]
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    [...] vía // [...]
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