Totems is a project by French photographer Alain Delorme featuring 15 images taken in China. Here is a little background information from the artist:
The protocol is always the same in each of the images, opposing the verticality of the migrants’ loads to the vertiginous height of the modern buildings. The photographer also chose to privilege the individual, far from the usual photos of crowds. Everything is recreated on the basis of 6,000 photos taken in Shanghai during 2 art residencies. The loads are clearly exaggerated to draw the attention to these “totems”, highly symbolic of the “made in China” and beyond of our consumer society.

To see the rest of the images from the series, click here.


  1. elissa @ faucethead says:

    these are so striking. the colors and composition are right on.
  2. Totems | Feingut says:

    [...] design work life) Tags: AlainDelorme China Culture Design People Photography Shanghai Transportation urban [...]
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